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Why Cookies? To become better!


We collect your IP to see what devices that has been visited this pages in relation to what source.

Mobile Device

The user journey has a big difference between browsing webpages by a computer or tablets like cellphones or iPads.

Private mode - browsing webpages as a private visitor.

Being private, means we can not save cookies to your browser. It also means you have no saved cache from this site before. This information we need to know.

What browser you are using

Adding style and javascript to web pages has different behavior depending on what browser you have.

Screen width

For us to create the best responsive web page, we need to know what screen width the visitors has.

Country, region and city

Launguage for the site and how we should do our strategy based on visitors location.

Your referrer source

Where id you come from? Did you enter this page from Google search? LinkedIn? or some other page.