Web Development

No matter how much effort you exert and put into website strategy, user interface, user experience, or innovative design, if the site is not working properly, taking an immense time to load and not every link is working, then every customer or prospect will stay away.

Your products can never be highlighted and its true competency will always remain a mystery.

User-centered design

The complete understanding of the user experience will indirect give you the best design. To fully understand you must empathize with the user and process.

UX - User experience

In relation to the information structure we will need to understand the user behavior. More understanding in depth of the user we will create a better design. Now when we are taking things for granted when it comes to websites and their design - visitors are now expecting high standards. The user can easily leave but the main parameter to keep them on the page is a great experience with a high comfortable journey.


Internet is being used by all different ages, but also people with disabilities. Content that has been created with screen readers in mind is a very important initiative.

We need to remember that the internet is for everyone and the information within it. Common disabilities that are easy have in mind once developing an web page.

  • Hearing.
  • Visual impairment - Reading.
  • Visual impairment - Colours.

Curious about to know more about accessibility?
Follow this link: W3C guidelines on accessibility (New window)

Screen readers

Keep in mind that people that are blind can not see the screen. Or some people with visual impairment can not see the content that you wish to show or highlight.

But also people with dyslexia or other type of cognitive and learning disabilities rely on this software tool, screen reader.

Web design

Colour palettes, browser friendly and responsive web pages for all devices. All small details that are happening on the screen must notify the visitor.

We need to map the visitor behaviour to know what design to implement. It is a thin line between the aesthetics, functionality and accessibility for both visitors and devices.

  • Responsive design for all tablets.
  • Re-use created components - be consistent.
  • Design systems.
  • To have SEO in mind when implementing HTML skeleton - following the guides of W3C.

Develop with the latest stack

We use frameworks to speed up and deploy large web applications.

Back-end Development

Laravel, open source based on PHP for productive development and made simple to do large scale application for the web.

Front-end Development

Last five years javascript has gotten alot of focus. Now when the computers browsers are very stable and large software gives the developers the opportunity to write javascript code straight into the client side.

This gives the development alot of great success. Less pressure on the serve and let the klient browser do the work. Also the best way to make it interactive.

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